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About Us

We have over 15 years experience supplying and fitting quality fitted kitchens/UPVC installations in the UK.

Having moved to France permanently in 2007, we now offer the same service to Ex Pats living in France throughout the Poitou Charentes, Limousin and Dordogne regions.

We are able to offer "supply only" Kitchens (for those who got a new Black & Decker last Christmas) or a fully fitted and project managed service for those who didn't!

We cater for all budgets (within reason!) from what you would expect to pay in the UK at Wickes, Magnet, B&Q etc right up to solid oak kitchens and everything in between.

We can also source all the appliances you may need to compliment your new kitchen if required.

We are happy to arrange a free home visit to discuss your requirements, plan your kitchen and prepare a costing before you order.

Give us a call (or email) for friendly advice or to arrange a visit.
Free planning, design, measuring and costing throughout Poitou Charentes,
limousin and Dordogne regions.
Siret No: 513 577 809 00017
TEL: 0549 429941 - MOB: 0663 710981 - Postal Address: 17 ROUTE DE LA ROCHELLE 86600, SANXAY
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